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    Quote Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
    I too haven't really had a meaningful session since November and it showed, I felt like a fata$$ out there, couple that with the fact that I was trying to break in a new suit so there was some stiffness.
    It was a fun sesh, thigh high but it turned out to be a beautiful day.
    Work, 1.5 hrs to get to the ocean and short days = sadness...
    ...that's awesome you made it out today, I am so envious...I've had some incredibly fun winter days at places by myself...I love winter when there's swell, but my house and work is an hour and a half drive from the ocean...which blows...but I make the best of it and surf every chance I to get in the water, I'm goin' nuckin' futs! I surfed the beginning of December, and then we hit flat line...but damn right, I'm glad somebody got some!
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    so what size would yall say it was tuesday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    4/3 boots, gloves, hood. Boots were the limiting factor for me, my feet went numb after about 2 hours. Guess ill step up to some 7mils
    Same my fingers and my big toe where starting to feel pain within the 1 1/2 hour mark. I would step it up to 7mm, but im already having trouble moving with everything 5mm, and Im from the tropics so cold water kills me. I guess Ill just have to wait till the water get to at leas 55 so I can shed some gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Powers View Post
    What time were you there? I was there at about 1 till around 3 and it was goin off.

    I was the dude with the wetsuit

    I had school. so i wasnt out till 3, but stayed till sundown. But yeah it was real fun. heard it was a little better around 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    yeah man I surfed it and it was gravy! Zero complaints. I definitely got it critical on a few waves and it did what I wanted. Its crazy lite for a glassed poly board, must be XTR resin or something. No logos or signature was unsettling at first, but hey, it works!

    Highly recommend picking that other one up if its your dims.
    Some times a logo means nothing, I bought a board this summer (found it in a no name shop) just saw it in a corner, picked it up and it just felt like it was going to be a good board. I haven't used any of my other boards since July. Got lucky I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lookin4swells420 View Post
    so what size would yall say it was tuesday?
    head high + on the sets. chest high on average (as predicted by swellinfo)

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    thats what i was thinking.. i had this guy on my way back out go this sucks geting pounded by waist high waves.. i was thinkin waist high!?! i know it was going off from 1 to 3 at croatan! start at pendleton get ripped to the rocks and take a hike back to pendleton an do it all over again! we walked the beach 3 times in 2 hours but damn it was worth it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    I surfed the pier today. She was cold but well worth it! Took the pics right before dark. Enjoy.
    Nice Shots. It was a fun afternoon indeed.

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    Sick shots Lee! Jealous I had to sell all my gear. I can't wait to be back in the water

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    Virginia Beach / OBX

    You guys liking 62nd?

    All fall long and ealry winter I tried surfing either side of (mainly north side) of the 62nd street pile of steel and have never like it at all. I think 68th street works better in almost every swell. There is too much sand or something at 62nd. What direction swell is working at 62nd?? South Ground swells didnt work and north swells didnt hold well either at 62nd. Just wodering if you guys are getting 62nd street real good on some swells. It seems like the boggie kids love it there.