On a non-midatlantic related subject. I posted a "maui visit" post in the the "hawaiian islands" section of your forum over a year ago.. Since then, every month or two I get a response, and it is always a spammer. Not only did i already go on my trip over 6 months ago,but I still get responses about p90x and a bunch of other non-sense. Not sure what kind of filters you have, but you may want to ad a little exta security to logins. One of those strange image repeats or something that could eliminate the spam.

Everyone who posts spam, it is their "fist post" so it must be some kind of lame scripting at work that are creating accounts.

No issue on the active forums, but everytime i think i get a response, its some d-bag talking about something unrelated and nothing to do with traveling, maui, surfing or anything else. FYI.

Im sure you know, but FYI anyway.