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Thread: Lost stealth

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfingboy65 View Post
    you beat me to it 21-13 are awsome boards got a 5'8 xx-fish this november sweet ride i got it with the 5 fin set up too awsome board for anythin
    im selling pretty much a brand new 5'11 agent for 275. litterally it looks brand new.

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    really i have been looking for a shortboard , i was going to order that board once i got some money this summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by chunks View Post
    I have never ridden the stealth, but I think it is a little more Performance tuned than an evEryday board. Go with the dumpster diver, it's a little more beefy. I got one last spring, and traded in all my other boards for it. U can ride it in anything, I'll ride it in knee high waves, with a 5/4 and all the gear. Plenty of float, but still very high performance. Also great in quality wAves as well. Also try the JS. Blakbox or the sharpeye disco. Very similar, everyone pretty much has a similar model.
    Yea im gettion that impression as well. iv heard really really good things about the DD, But if i was going to get a board like that id probably get a roberts white dimond, It looks a little better to me.. unless i find a really cheep DD, And the blakBox looks SWEEET I would probably buy one if the oppertunity came up.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyav13 View Post
    Check out the "sub-scorcher" or even "scorcher". the sub scorcher is lost's version of the dumpster diver and the scorcher has a little less volume than then sub scorcher
    Awesome ill take a look thanks,

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    yea i love the D.D, but if i had looked at the blakbox, before i bought it, i prob would have gotten the blakbox. either one is perfect. and dont be afraid about float, i bought the 5'10, but i know i could ride the 5'8 model.