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Thread: H2O temps

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    yaa im with you on ready to loose all the rubber!! but the best part is not having but 50 people out at first st when its head high!! FULL rubber and 40degree water/air temps = not all the idiots, 70 air and 39 water = quite a few idiots, 70+air and 70+water= every idiot in the world trying to catch a wave! !! ive made it all winter in a 4/3 e-bomb n i have 5mil xcel drylock 5 finger gloves and boots from vb to frisco but i had to go to 7mil f bomb mittens my finger tips kept going beyond numb! i must say they are the best investment ive ever made!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfergirl12 View Post
    his fin had carved him from the neck to spine. wetsuit saved him. pros/cons
    thats nuts