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    resistance wetsuits do every color known to man including rainbow threading

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    Anybody have any experience with these wetsuits? Most suits don't fit me well, are these really custom made?

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    yep, u send them a laundry list of your body measurements and they build the wetsuit to your exact size. on the site, go to order, and u will see all of the measurements they need. you can also order general sizes but what is the point

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    resistance suits are sick, if i had the cash id definitely get a custom one. they are popular among skimboarders because they are supposedly super stretchy and much less restrictive which helps when running for waves

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    get a Beull

    TThese arent cheap theya re some of the best suits money can buy. But you can get them in pink green and yellow . You see guys wearing Volcom , RVCA, NIKE etc wetsuits well they are all made by Beull. Google Beull wetsuits you will find 'em. NIce wetsuits, real nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by henryk View Post
    I'd definitely get bit by a shark with that wetsuit. I'm not looking for anything that crazy
    actually zebra print has been proven to repel sharks.. true fact. look it up.

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    leethehipster says: "eh, that was so 1990's"

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    these used to be on sale in 7mm. seriously.

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    ur a fashion ***......go surf. Black wetsuits are just as warm as any other color suits.

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    let me just say, in order to wear a wesuit like this : , you gotta be able to do that, or your a kook. now to be fair some color is cool, but if its flashy you gotta back it up