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    Thanks for all the info guys! And one more question did any of you guys have trouble traveling with your boards. And if any of u guys want to go for a session hit me up or if u know of any good guides let me know. Thanks again for all the great info!!
    it depends what airline you are using. i know jet blue has a set fee of like $75 but there's a maximum size. check on the website of whatever airline your using. if bringing your own boards is too much of a hassle there are a bunch of places that will rent out for up to a week. again, in rincon there's mar azul surf shop on the 413. bobby has a really good selection of boards, and will let you change boards whenever you want

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    I suggest you get in contact with the people at They offer Private Surfing Tours, Eco Tours and all sorts of transportation around the Island so you dont have to go thru the hassle of renting a vehicle, driving, etc.

    Ive visited a few times and I always use their services, check them out you wont regret it.

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    I appreciate all of you guys input tomorrow is my last day and I have had a blast. The first couple of days I surfed la ocho and Fiji on the others side of the rock and then this place called ocean park. I met up with a local at a bar his name was jose great dude he took me around the north side of the island and we surfed this really great wave called aviones nice a frame wave breaking over reef. He took me to some local food stands and had a really great local lunch. I also had the wife with me so I couldnt go on the hunt every day but I will be back real soon and we will stay on the west coast for sure!!! This trip has been amazing and the people and local surfers are so nice and willing to help a lost guy out. Rule one show respect and they will respect you.
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    Jetblue is $75 - each way
    Continental is $100 - each way

    If you are looking to rent a board....definitely goto Mar Azul. Bobby has the largest selection of boards in Rincon. (good one's) It's in Puntas, Rincon. Up on the hill.

    Like said perviously...He will let you swap out boards.

    Marias & Domes can become a zoo. Infested with Longboarders...just waiting to cherry pick on you.

    Me personally If I surf Marias or Domes it's early in the morning. Otherwise, I will surf Indicators...which is in between Marias & Domes. (if you are out at Marias and look left you will see a cliff that sticks out...thats Indicators) You can drive to the lighthouse and walk down from there. Indicators is always bigger than Marias or Domes. It is a little sketchy getting out with the exposed reef...but less people and a better wave.

    Edit: Oh pointless you already left. :/
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