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    hoping despite very hard north windz overnite, swell will hang in from pretty impressive E-longated front. usually theeze types of fronts produce solid but brief swell. low tide unfort. around 11:30ish. but around 8:30 breaks should start tuh fire, but worried abowt size. thinkin it'll hang in but def. more size crack o dawn. don't X-pect nething uhbuv waist high. but should b ultra cleen. we'll c. givin it check b4 werk, if it looks gud, i'll jump in, utherwize pfff...

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    Talk about a small window of time!

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    more fun than it looked. got out at around 8 and it was still pretty deep and not breaking until shore. started working better as the tide dropped but swell was fading too. still some nice waist high glassy walls to cruise down.. looking like all kinds of swell period early next week. fingers crossed!

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    wind raped it overnite, same ole bullsh* system iz another monster cleenup maybeey monday? wind should destroy it again az theeze front have the low pressure right ontop uv us after it passez. we'll c.