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    Kaptman I have been surfing for 20+ yrs but in all honesty the last year has been my most progressive was stuck on oversized boards my whole surfing life. Never thought I could rip on a thinner shorter board but I tried a guys board one day and shocked myself so I went with coil and told Mike what I have been riding and what I want to do with my surfing he suggested 5'8 m80 uo to 20"+ width I didnt feel that comfortable since I never surfed anything less than a 6'1 so I went with 5'10 and 19 7/8 wanted to keep it under 20" wide just because...the board is 2 3/8 thick. I am 5'10 just over 175lbs and very avg ability.
    Exit 98 I am shocked that I am ripping on this board in full winter rubber. I have had 5 sessions on this board since Jan and three have been so much fun!!! As you know coils are fioled out Mike doesnt leave any xtra foam where he doesnt think youll need it so the two sessions that I really didnt think I surf ed well was because I missed some waves I thought I should have caught first I thought it was my fitness and or the rubber but now I believe it was the currents and my unfamilarity of the spots I was surfing both sessions were at spots I havent surfed before and my timing and positioning was probably off along with strong winds and current..
    Anyway Kapt if Mike says 6'0 then go with it but if he is saying you can go smaller do it! Cause its design is meant to be short and wide..Your surfing will only get better and it seems like you are going to be 160 forever with your fitness etc.. so
    Exit wish the jersey guys would get anoth coil day together I would love to give a few of Mike's other shapes a try
    He actually suggested a 6'2" I currently use a 6'7" Webber. I should have gone smaller with that. But I do like it. Thats my dilemma now. Don't want to go too short where I don't like it. But am looking to go a bit shorter than I'm surfing now. A lot of people suggest 5'10 or 5'8". I also don't want to spend 700+ and wish I went smaller. I surf as much as I can and feel like I've progressed a good deal. So I'm in a bit bind as to which way to go.

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    Thats what sucks about surfboards its hard to try one before you buy one.. Do you know anyone who rides a smaller board any one at your surf spot that you could ask to try a wave or two on there board? I gradually went smaller from a wide 6'6
    to a moderate 6'5" then a 6'1 and now the 5'10 all in less than 3 yrs.. Do you surf pionts up there or hollow beach breaks if I were surfing pionts I wouldnt be choosing the 5'10 I would go bigger

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    Why is everyone suggesting alternate shapes? this guy could be just as happy on a 5'10/ 5'11 regular shortboard, maybe one with a little wider nose/tail instead of a stubby small wave model