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    Small wave board


    I am about to purchase a new small wave board and need some advice. I am torn between the Firewire Dominator, the CI Dumpster Diver, and the DHD Project 15. I am 5'8"-5'9" and 160lbs. I am an intermediate surfer but progressing rapidly. Currently, I am riding a 6'1" CI and i want to go shorter and fatter. Any help with the decision/dimensions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

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    If you want to ride small waves and go shorter and fatter go with about a 5-6 fish. Cant go wrong with a fish.

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    5'6 dominator or a 5'2 sweet potato.. could even go 5'0 on the spud

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    Small wave board

    I have the same problem you have. I ride a 6'2 JS when the waves are good which isn't often. I have an old Merrick that Jimmy Keith is copying for me. Its called Merrick twin fin or MTF. The board came out in the 90's and is still popular. You can see it on CI website. But I don't have 700 to drop on a new one. The board I had was in bad shape and wrightsville glassing restored it but made it to heavy. Anyway, I had so much fun riding it cause its such a fun shape and would get you through the worst sections.

    I've heard good things about the Dumpster Diver and about Roberts "White Diamond" Look them up. He was Shaper of the Year. He shapes for the regular everyday surfer. Aussi Island has some in stock.
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    yo archy 11

    good to hear you're progressing. Those are all some great boards. I hope you consider that since you're in america it's an awesome opportunity to support local economy. DHD and Firewire are great boards but the Firewire supports thialand and the DHD is austrailian. The DHD is made off of Darrel's designs but cut on a CNC and glassed in Socal. He never actually touches it. Al Merrick is out of the game and retired and their boards are all computer made and hand finished by a collection of shapers. Here in America you could pick up a ...LOST, WRV, Sharp Eye, SOD, GOZ.

    I have a ...LOST RNF5 and get some serious use out of it. It'll go on anything big toe to HH. Liked it so much I sold my Flyer and got a custom SD2, Matt checked it over and signed it. Roberts' WD is also a really good looking groveller made in the central CA area.

    I'm not sure where you live but, I'm positive you could get a custom from anyone here in the States and save at least $100 over the Firewire. SOD has a Dumpster diver type board and you'd probably get carbon tail patches and save $200.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll love what every you get. Checkout the Subscorcher and my blog 99%

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    check ricky carrol! won shaper of the year some time back and shapes great boards. check out his website... sick stuff, very well made boards. I have personally owned 3 and have never had a problem, I just enjoy buying new boards haha. He can usually crank out a custom within a month or so if not faster, i got one in less than two weeks. He shapes for our east coast slop, but whatever he shapes you will do well in whatever waves come your way.

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    support your local shaper. you can use the boards mentioned to start the conversation.

  8. get that computer shaped merrick and you will be pleased. or a lost.
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    SOD has been making great small wave boards for years that have been proven on the surf we have here on the east coast, Shawn also makes stronger epoxy models while maintaining a reasonable price.

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    supporting your local shaper is great. i would at least browse around and see what these guys have to offer.

    that being said, i just purchased a firewire last fall and i'm in love. i was skeptical for a long time but i finally gave in and decided to try something besides the same old foam and glass that i've always rode. i went with the alternator model in the rapid fire technology (the ones with the wooden deck) and i've never had a board feel this good under my feet. i can't speak for the ride of all their models, but i do know that they are solid boards. worth a check for sure.