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    Surf in Rhode Island

    I recently just got accepted to Roger Williams University and Im highly considering going there. I know little about the area and was wondering what the surf was like around there. I know the campus is close to Newport but thats about it.

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    RI Surf.

    From that campus you have about a 15 minute ride to Newport. There are two beaches there 1st and 2nd. 2nd has better waves but tends to be more crowded. I go there most of the time for the ease of parking and surfing. There is also Little Compton that has some surf areas. And for a bit more of a drive there is Narragansett. Which has its share of breaks and beaches. Its not San Diego but there is plenty of surf.

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    Hopefully where there is swell
    2nd Beach in Middletown is easy access and so is Narragansett:. Little Compton has very difficult access and is a ride for you to get there.

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    I played baseball at their field a couple times back in hs. It's a really cool area and close to lots of quality surf. In addition to the spots already mentioned you're a quick haul to Point Judith and Ruggles, both of which can get all time on the right swell. There's plenty of corrugated coast to explore if you want to surf it empty too. Just be sure to pack your 6/4/3 and 7 mil gloves and booties.