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    Back Problem

    Hey I have a slipped disc in my back, and this thing just won't seem to heal. It's been well over a month, and I actually got some of last weeks swell, but took it easy. I figured maybe some of you have this problem too, and I was just wondering if anyone knew any natural ways to deal with it. The doctor of course wanted me to get on a "pain management" thing (aka. here take these pills, pay me and shut up), but I'll pass on being doped up on pharmies for the rest of my life, and paying out the rear every month. I'm in pretty constant pain, and kinda sketched out, so any advice or anything would be really appreciated.

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    My wife goes to a lady at the Ocean View Wellness Center, on Rt.50 in Berlin. Acupunture works for alot of things, including chronic pain. It natural, and your not filling some doctors pocket for life. Give it a try...

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    I had a 'bulging' disc and my pain was horrendous. I literally could barely walk, barely stand. I was a mess. I went to a chiropractor which seemed to work after a while. I had to re-train my back muscles which took about 3 months. Sucks man, I feel your pain. But, a chiropractor worked for me.

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    Feel your PAIN

    I've been dealing with the same issue sine 1996. Chiropractic works great, but watch out for the guys that try to get you involved in a "maintainance" program. The best fix for me is limited Chiropractic care during flare ups or times of great pain and a daily stretching routine. Building your core muscles (abs & obliques) really helps in the long term too.
    Use lots of ice (15 minutes at a time). If you are close to the Salisbury,MD area try Salisbury Muskoskelatal. The therapist Ed Jordon is an old skool surfer and one of the Chiroprators, Adam Moyer, is a skater/snowboarder that can get you on a good program.
    GOOD LUCK. Oh.......and enjoy your painkillers.

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    I have had bad back issues before and it really does suck when trying to surf. I have found a non-evasive, non-drug answer to my previous problems. Click the link below for more information and I swear by it. Once healed, or back in alignment try to consistently maintain a comprehensive core-strength body conditioning with exercises like squats, pull-up, and crunches.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!!!
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    Ice is the key to getting back on your feet. Weak abs and stress are the main causes. Stretching and yoga helped my problems.

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    i have a crap back as well. I had received epidural spinal injections for a while which helped significantly and then went to physical therapy. Definitely focus on the core, pilates helps here. make sure you are performing the ab exercises correctly though because you could potentially hurt your back further. perform at least a half hour of stretching every night covering your quads, hammstrings, glutes and groin. it took me a year to get rid of my pain but it was time well spent. Also recommend picking up an exercise ball and performing stretches and workouts on it.