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    - new yorkers and mainliners from philly driving around in beamers (even some bentlys) who think they are the most important person in the world. (hot mommies though)
    -People asking me questions on how the curls were after going for a surf
    -getting hit my a 10ft bic board
    -having to pull out of the wave of the day because a kook is in the way and freezes out of fright
    -being stoked when you find a parking spot
    -being stoked when its ridable and surfing the knee high wave till dark
    -"The Weekend" threads talking about if they should come down when the forecast says ankle high of less
    -there all *****es though
    -everything gets expensive
    -25minute wait for a hoagie at wawa
    -free hoagie and drink at wawa because so many people are packed in the place it doesnt matter
    -riding the beach cruiser all sprayed painted out fixed with duct tape
    -getting beach cruiser stolen
    -finding it at a party and take it back
    -hurricane season
    -bay floats
    -overtime at the shop
    -a cold beer after overtime at the shop. stoked
    -new board. stoked
    -selling old board for $100 value to person where $ isn't an object. stoked
    -no ac in the house.
    -sunrise sessions in boardies
    -dusk sessions with the boys.
    -bike cops setting up bike traps
    -bike cops in general
    -wait, police in general in the summer
    -never leaving the island on months at a time (sometimes)

    South Jersey summers. did i miss anything?
    Everything soo true the cops suck so much they actually stole my bike from a party, and i have gotten a ticket for not wearing a helment and barely let me slide for riding a kid on my handlebars

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    i love when PA people give ME the stink I'm not allowed here... whatever man. We surf the good waves, they "own" the breaks in the summer.

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    Plain and simple. If you surf through winter and live local during the winter you should be the only ones allowed over the bridge haha! The bennnys.. ohhh boyyy.. there coming!! I see the rental signs on all the houses! The 10 ft. softops are at costco for $99...

    I cant wait to get my boat in though. When I take it to Tices. just walk to ibsp , no parking spots to deal with, no fee... And allways pretty empty.. Everyones invited on the surf boat!!! The boats kept near Seaside. So much easier then driving to the beach and its sick!!