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    rgnsup r5 forward will produce a higher definition vid and a narrow degree angle which will reduce a little of the fisheye effect. r4 at 960 isnt bad anything below that gets wonky but a LOT of surf vids i've seen utilize that effect.

  2. head mount costs $14.99... that's your best bet...just make sure u strap it down or wear a hoodie over it.

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    the 2nd half of this video shows what happens when you turn the camera to face forward. its just annoying and you cant see much. chest harness/head view is the way to go with surfing it seems (since using it in the hands is too tough)

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    Surf Mount for gopro

    anyone have any problems with the gopro mount coming off the board. Just mounted mine on a new board. Wondering if I need to seal the edges with some glass.