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    Hows it looking??

    Hows the surf lookin for Myrtle beach from this low pressure? (hopefully TS/Hurricane) What might the best spots be?

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    Garden City pier
    13th ave. south
    64th ave. north
    springmaid pier

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    If its as bad in Myrtle as it is in Wrightsville then there are no spots. Thus far this has proven to be the most disappointing swell in a while. We're all frothing at the mouth and can't get anything but some stomach high wind slop. MGTipi just gave away all his spots. Maybe its firing there.

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    yesterday was drifty but fun. some stomach sets. we surfed from 11am to 4pm. myrtle sucked though. it was smaller and less organized.

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    all thosse spots suck in myrtle beach./