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    yall should definitely have a swellinfo sanctioned brawl

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    dont take it to pms, let thy squal decide thy most witty, & noble warrior.

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    ShredderFred has the stoke. You can just tell from his vibe: it's positive & cool.

    Shredder's positivity probably made you feel ill, Witchbreak, because you are one negative-tude little rodent. Perhaps you, Witchbreak, should seek help from your local shrink & stop subverting the controls that your parents have placed on your Internet usage.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShredderFred View Post
    I don't like you, you seem like a little brat. He's back because the east coast is probably his home. So there is obviously some sort of draw for him in one way or another. And get over yourself and the fact that the east coast is not an ideal surf destination. Frankly speaking, the places he visited are typically in regards to surfing: better, more consistent, and way warmer. Don't be jealous. I'm stoked for him.

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    Sounds like a plan, Lee. The weapons (keyboards) are set aside & we're movin' forward.

    You're right about Nica in the summer. I just 'save' it for some relief from the North American winters 'cause I can't effin take the cold weather up here anymore.

    I'm in your 'hood later today ISO those green bars that are projected for Sunday. And if those green bars don't materialize, well, at least the other bars will benefit from me & the boyz hangin' out & hoisting a few pints.

    "For me its 50 weeks out of the year."

    Go git some.

    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    This has been my favorite thread yet. This is more fun than arguing with kids on xbox live.

    yankee, our love affair aside, that does sound like a sick trip. Hope you scored, ya wanker! I wish I had the vacation time to take multiple trips/year like that. For me its 50 weeks out of the year. I do frequent the spots that you mentioned (although costa and nica are much better in the summer months), but have not yet been to Asia. I'm sure ill get there by.... here it comes... by the time im your age.

    Lets get over ourselves and get back to talking about when to wear our 3/2's. What do ya say?

    Skeglegs, I dont like you- not one bit. At least yankee and I have entertaining banter, you tell angry lies and try to put words in the studs mouth. But for what its worth, stay out of my front yard and I'll stay out of yours.