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Thread: 4/3 with Vest

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    4/3 with Vest

    I am trying to get my girlfriend back in the water sooner than later. She has a 4/3 which is not enough for current water temps but Im thinking if I get her a hooded vest it should keep her core warm enough to get back in the water. Im looking at a 3mm vest with 5mm hood effectively making her suit a 7/3 with a 5mm hood. She has 7mm boots and 7mm gloves. I just wanted to see if anyone had any comments or input on this idea. Will her legs in 3mm of rubber be too cold in the 40 degree water?

    Thank you.

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    thats retarded.

    my girl wont go near the water until july.

    youre going to scare her away from the sport

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    haha sounds like your trying to wrap her in a cocoon of neoprene which will render her unable to move. If she actually wants to surf in winter she'll be fine in a 4/3, just pick a warm small day. Another week or two and the hoods should come off.

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    yes do it please... no harm in trying. let us know how it goes

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    I've done mid winter in NJ with a 4/3 and 2mm vest under it, detach hood. 7mm boots, 5mm gloves. Def doable, but got chilly after 2 hours.

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    ive gone all winter with a 4/3 and vest just like that but ive had 3m gloves and boots. besides my hand being a litty chilly, my arms, legs, and tors have been completely fine.

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    I wear a 4/3 oneil heat all winter. I do get cold when the water hits 40 or below but she should be good in that. I would suggest thick gloves and booties because your hands and feet are the farthest from your heart. So they will get cold first.