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  1. Roof Rack Question

    I am going down to the Outer Banks this year from North NJ. I currently use the FCS soft roof rack for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I use a 9ft board. Will I be able to make the 8hr trip with the soft rack? Or should I upgrade to a better rack? Has anyone made the drive using a soft rack? Was that humming noise unbearable?

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    I went to florida a month ago from jersey, with 4 boards inside a boardbag. We had a soft rack, duct taped all the loose cables so the noise would stop. Then we got some ratchet straps. We hit 115 and really bad rain and we were fine. I wouldn't recommend going with just soft racks.
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    noisy straps

    Yo, i find that if you put twists in the straps this eliminates the noise they make (which i'm pretty sure is from them vibrating when they are too tight. like a guitar string or something)

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    I've made it to FL and NC on several occasions from MD with soft racks...never had any problems other than that annoying vibrating noise. I'll have to try that twist trick. I would just make sure your racks are in good condition. The only problem I've had was with a pair that dry rotted, but they were pretty old.

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    you CAN, dunno why you WOULD. i used to use soft racks on my old nissan altima...upgraded to a yakima system. when i traded the altima for my grand cherokee, i made sure i had roof rails & cross bars on it. way more stable & secure IMO.
    if you can, i would suggest going to your local jeep dealer & having them order them for you...very cheap; cheaper than yakima or thule, even.

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    if have the cash I would get a good set of racks and be done with it. Thule makes the hang 2 surf rack system and in most cases you dont have to but there cross bars. I got them for my landrover and they held my board snug and they are quite. When i sold the lando they went on my Wifes Hyundia

    For $73.00 you cant beat it

  7. Thanks for all the info... Think i am going to go with the Thule rack... Seems pretty easy to put on my truck...

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    Several companies make aftermarket roof racks that come in different sizes. They install using short self sealing self tapping screws. I put one on my car in about 30 min and used it for 3 years till I sold the car. Never had a problem and it looked factory. Not too expensive either.