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    Ding Repair Question

    I have a small crack on the tail of my board. The crack looks deep but doesn't appear to reach the fiberglass. When I run my finger over the crack, it feels smooth. I don't know anything about repairs. I saw some other posts that say it's probably in the hot coat. Can I just sand is down, apply sanding resin, then sand again? It's a PU board. Do I have to wetsand at all? If someone could provide some detailed instructions, that would be great or if someone is good at making these types of repairs, I can pay for it. Thanks.

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    go to boat store get fiberglass,clear resin, hardener, sand down tail dig out any junk put ready to go resin on, then a sheet of fiberglass smush on till cloth is covered let harden a while knock off any big stuff sand down smooth the next day dosent have to be perfect youll get more. Nose gaurd makes a rubber tail gaurd I recommend this and nose gaurd because tails and noses take a beating and thats where water begins to rot your board away. + if you hit youself with your board it dosent hurt as bad.

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    Check out you tube.You might get a few good tips on there.

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    do not use boat fiberglass!!!

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    Use chewed gum works nice. Put it in the sun great tensile strength. Good luck