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Thread: Who's in a 4/3

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    Here on eastern Long Island been wearing a 3/2 for 2 weeks, no hood or gloves.

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    yes, wearing 4/3 with a poly shirt underneath, depending on the weather of the day, wind etc... perfectly comfortable.... a light detachable hood, alot of guys out there with no hood, some no gloves, i still wear 3mm gloves, 5 mm on the feet... stayed out for 2 and half hours no problem.... slowly peeling it away ...

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    3/2 in rhode island already

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    Surfed Narragansett RI for the first time in a 4/3 on Monday night. It was fine. Actually had a few people next to me in 3/2's, and they were cold but still kicking. Water temp has got to be 50 something.

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    4/3 in Hampton NH last weekend. Very comfy. This weekend at Nantasket may be a 3/2.