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    Personal Opinion question, when am I gonna be able to get into the water with a 3/2 with no booties gloves etc, im debating trying it this afternoon, catching a few and getting out and warming up. What do you guys suggest/think?

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    A month and a half.

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    For New Jersey, I'd say end of May, or beginning of June.

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    Ah okay I was hoping to get an answer like "Hey get your ass in the water now!" but maybe ill find a cheap wetsuit on craigslist for the time being, thanks!

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    I went out with a 3 2 two weeks ago. Just borrowed a vest with a hood from my buddy. 7 mils booties and gloves. I was fine.

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    why don't you just buy a pair of booties & gloves??

    anyway, i wore a 3/2 w/ 3mil boots & 1.5mil gloves today in ocnj. felt a bit of a chill from the wind, but i was otherwise fine.

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