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    i was planning for a 3/2 tomorrow, but the air temperature is too low. not even cracking out of the 50s. it's hard to believe it's warmer out right now then it will get the whole day tomorrow. that sucks. i usually trunk by the 1st of june. last year i was, but it took the last week of june to trunk in monmouth county back in 09 when we had that cool spring. i was also in a 3/2 last spring by mid april i think. hoping to shed the gloves real soon here, and the boots it's gotta be 60/62 for me to get rid of those. my feet get cramps, and my toes come out of place, and it's not very fun. 65 degree water temperature + at least 68/70 degrees, and sunny i'm in trunks no problem.
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