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    I stuck gatorade bottles over the ends of big plastic suit hangers, duct taped them on and put drain holes in them, cheap solution to an expensive wetsuit hanger. It allows better air flow and distributes the weight on the shoulders better. Once the heavy dripping stops I hang it in a door way with a towel on the floor and a small fan blowing on it to speed the dry time.

    I'm going to work on a homemade "wetsuit dryer" very soon, let you know how it comes out.

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    maybe a little overkill but i hate a damp suit in the winter so rinse it in a big tupperware container. drip dry on a plastic hanger from a pullup bar hanging in the garage ceiling. once majority of water is done dripping i put a cheap window fan i bought at goodwill horizontally under the suit to blow air up through leg holes i put boots gloves under neath fan. its all bone dry next morning even in a 50deg garage. $5 for fan alot cheaper than that fancy hanger although im sure that prob works well, the fan moves so much air it dries it all really fast. supposedly ur seams last longer the faster ur suit dries too

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    put a fan right under it and it'll dry a lot faster.

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    I have a 4/3 mutant that I hang up for a few hours in the shade/garage, then I will hang it out in the sun for like 30 minutes a side to dry the fleece lining stuff. Its pretty dry after that. Now my excel drylock booties are a diffrent story, i hnag them up to dry put them in the sun for 30 minutes and they take forever, my quiksilver cypher gloves do as well. ANything with the fleece linning stuff in them seems to take a while to dry.

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    I flush my suit and dry it in the patio inside-out as soon as I get home. Then when it stops dripping I take it indoors. I actually just lay it on my bike rack, where it can spread out and all areas of the suit is exposed to dry overnight.
    When it’s outside I keep it in the sun for not more than 20 minutes each side. I’ve been doing this to my 3/2 the last 3 years and it’s still in good shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    I have it. its awesome... I just don't have anywhere to use it..which is the point of my question.

    The hangair will dry a 5/4/3 over night almost completely (it dries from inside out witch is nice) and the outside is just barley damp. I don't use it on my 3/2 because it will stretch out the collar.
    It's pricey, but totally worth it, especially in the winter. If you hate pulling on a cold wet wetsuit when trying to do two sessions in a day, the Hangair can dry your suit in a few hours. It also dries it quick enough to prevent any funk from growing in your suit and making it smelly. Now I just need one for my boots and gloves. I could kill a small animal with the smell from those.

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    Hung inside out over something for a few hours after a cool water rinseout. Definitely cool water shower untill I get the thing off and rinsed off.

    Then I put it on one of those wetsuit hangers right side out. Black hangers that the suit hangs by in the shops. Plasitc and a lil wider so it distributes the weight and doesnt screw up the shoulders. Dries in 8 hrs.

    If I get out of the water at dark, Its dry in the morning for a DP for the hooded 5/4/3 or 4/3. Boots and gloves dont dry well. Suck it up.

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    I take it off so its inside out after rinsing the outside after a session with a solar shower. Rinse it when I get to the shower. Fresh water dries faster than ocean water. Squeeze by hand to get out the excess. No wringing however. Hang dry it in the porch and with a fan if I need it quick before the next day. This time of year if I'm camping I can hang dry it oudoors near my tent and all the wind this time of year dries it very quickly
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    I rinse mine in a plastic storage tub outside in the summer and in the laundry sink in the winter. Hang it up on a plastic hanger (one of those wide one for jackets or suit coats) either in the garage (non-heated) when warm or in the basement in the winter. You can just put the plastic storage tub underneath to catch the drippings. If you are in a dorm or the like, you can rinse the sand off before you get home and then rinse well in the bathtub or shower once there. Toss the wet wetsuit back into the tub to haul it to its eventual hanging spot.

    I like the idea of kludging up a hanger to make it wider for faster drying. Thanks!

    I put my booties over pieces of pvc pipe to increase air circulation inside. A buddy of mine once did the same thing but forced air through the pipe for fast drying. Gloves go inside out in the sun or on the radiator in the winter.

    BTW a solution for donning the cold clammy wet wetsuit--bring along a jug of hot water and apply some to the inside of the suit, either before donning or pour some down the neck afterwards. Bliss on a cold morning!