Just started my GreenBoard, BioFoam blank from homeblown, just did the pre-shaping today.

Just cut the outline and rasped back to the line, feels different-very different from PU foam, even though its 50% MDF.

No shots as yet, will post when I get the film developed, also did not get any electronic footage, but did get some super8 (have 3 cassettes left) - will develop and tranfer when I win the lottery.

Moving to a proper shapers bay on the 23rd so hope to get some electronic footage there - then post here.

Glassing will be done with bio-resin from sustainable composites UK, Leashplug is cornstarch and cloth will be bamboo - both from Brian at Greenlight Pa.

- think its the first of this type in Europe.

Its going to be a 7'2 maybe Magic Carpet or Bonzer or Hybryd of the two, probably go with the Bonzer bottom - bit nervous, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I want it to be a good all-rounder, but also a technology demonstrator - wont be using a vaccum bag, so if we can do a greenboard, any backyard shaper can.