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  1. Liquid's First Annual Surfboard Swap Meet!

    You are all invited to Liquid's 1st Annual Surfboard Swap meet on Sunday, June 12th, 2011 from 10-4. All items related to surfing are welcome; surfboards, wetsuits, memorabilia, skateboards, art, and more. This is a free event for vendors and customers. No commissions or entry fees will be paid. Food and beverage will be sold with all the proceeds being donated to the American Red Cross. Donations from vendors/customers are also welcomed. We are looking forward to bringing everyone together for this great event and hope to see you June 12th. More information will be provided as the event approaches. Please click on the Link below to view the event's homepage where you can register for the event. Hope to see you all there!!!

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    Great idea, Kudos for stepping up for a local swap meet

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    Hey guys just wanted to bump this up, swap meet is a little less than 3 weeks away. I have gotten great response from a lot of people bringing boards. Everything surfing related is welcome!! So if you got some boards to get rid of come on out on June 12th, we will have some good food and drinks so come out for the day!

  4. Here is a list of a couple of boards a couple of my buddies and I will have at the swap meet. Post up what you are bringing if you plan on attending. We have had a lot of response and buzz about this swap meet and are looking to make this a real fun time for everyone in attendance!!

    • Early Challenger Eastern 9’9” #365
    • Hansen Mike Doyle Pointed Pintail 9’
    • Oceanside 7’2 Stringerless
    • Waterbrothers 6’6” Single Fin
    • Overlin 6’2” Diamond Tail
    • Late 80’s Spectrum
    • 6’ South Shore Twin Fin
    • 6’2” Mike Hague Shortboard
    • 5’11” JS Bruce Irons Pro Model
    • 5’9” MGS Surfboard
    • 5’11” Lost Rock Up
    • 5’8 Lost RNF
    • 5’8” Sharpeye Blow Fish
    • 6’1 Sharpeye Shortboard
    • Rocket Alaias, Paipos, & Hand Planes
    • Mid 80’s Schroff
    • 5’11” MGS Round Pin Shortboard
    • Bing 9’10” Bait tail Custom
    • Austin 9’ Bonzer
    • Jim Philips Hustler 9’6”
    • 12’ Ward Glider
    • 6’4” Mini Magic
    9' Bing Ashley Lloyd Model
    8' Yater Baby Spoon
    Bunch of Wetsuits

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    I will definitely be there, i don't know what I am bringing yet, but i definitely want to check out that RNF! This is going to be a good event! Thanks

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    Just wanted to bump it up, swap meet is tomorrow so come on out and check it out, its going to be a good time! Hope mother nature holds off tomorrow, but we will be here rain or shine! Got a lot of people coming from all over with a whole bunch of different stuff, if you got something to sell/trade come on out!