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Thread: Trunking it?

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    Trunking it?

    any body trunking it yet? think i might try it and see how long i can last...

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    you know.. around june 3rd or whatever.. I usually trunk it if im just going for a dip.. last a bit. I dont know about hours yet!

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    trunking it in 58 degree water is crazy talk man. Just wear a suit. Its only a novelty to wear trunks in those temps. Just for show. Just wrap up and be comfortable. I would give it a solid 8-10 degrees more before even considering it, unless like he said you are just swimming around for 3-5 minutes...

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    yeah last night after hours of macking surf in sandbridge I took my suit off and body surfed for a few right before dusk. Getting in the water was a total shocker but surprisingly it wasnt bad after a few minutes. Not sure I would want to surf like that... but its coming soon! Surfline put the h20 temp in sandbridge yesterday at 64. I still saw guys out with boots and gloves on.... f*cking larry's!

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    I'm thinking my 2/2 short sleevee full is a good call if the suns out. I cant believe sandbridge was 64* its definitly not 64* feeling at the pier. Maybe it is but i would think its still just below or rgith at 60*. IM sure the man parts would get pretty cold after a few waves in trunks though. And this sucks by the way being here at my desk and watching waves rool in at first street!

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    why would anyone even consider wearing just trucks already!!?

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    if you are wearing trunks rights now anywhere in north carolina or north you seriously have no balls! i find that i shed the rubber before most other people too. i can easily trunk it at 65/66 if the air temperature is at least that, and it's sunny out. most people aren't even out of their 4/3's yet. i see this out in the lineups and have observed it from on here. i'm in 3/2 already, and feeling good. still was in gloves last time though i thought about taking them off. if the sun is out next session i'm sure i can go no gloves, but i usually keep the boots till 60/62. my feet start to get cramps, and the muscles in my toes are popping around. it's really uncomfortable. sometimes i feel i can shed everything, but my boots, and be able to trunk it in boots.

    i can usually trunk it in south jersey by memorial day weekend. i was out of town last memorial day weekend, but i did trunk it the next week. sometimes i can't trunk it in monmouth county until late june. last year i trunked in early june, but the year before when we had that cool spring i didn't shed everything until around june 20th or so.

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    I saw 3 dudes out in trunks yesterday in vb
    **** dat

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    I know a dude that trunks it at 58. I thought he was crazy but apparently he does this every year. I just don't understand how he can do this.

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    3/2 no gloves, 3 mil boots in SJ yesterday...could have shed the boots as well. Monmouth this morning was a bit chillier...

    To be honest, I typically wear a flat stitch 2/2 most of the summer...usually bust out the trunks for afternoon/evening stuff in july/august...if that...wish could trunk it more regularly...