hey guys

well i have been surfing for about two summers now. i surf about every other weekend at holden beach. i have an 8'4" long board right now and i really like it. however im wanting something that i can use when the waves start getting kind of big and too steep for a long board. like when hurricanes are coming and stuff like that. i am kind of big when it comes to surfers i think. im 6'0" and i weigh 195 pounds. anyway i have been trying to read what would be good for a guy my size and the conditions i want to surf. i think a hybrid fish is what im looking for. something that has the width and thickness to float me, but also the steeper front end to catch the steeper waves. i was hoping if you guys could tell me if that is the correct way to go and if not what would be the best board for me. if anyone could tell me where i could find a nice used board that is correct for my size and desired surfing i would appreciate it.

thanks for any help