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    Has anyone actually ever bought from this guy

    I see this ad up all the time on craigslist, i was just curious if anyone had ever bought from him.


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    I see his posts all the time. I tried to buy an old longboard off him that was worth $300 at most..he wanted $600 and wouldn't barge on price.

    I don't know how and where he gets all those boards from either...

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    I met up with him once. He's got all retail prices if not higher. He states he has like 20 or more boards but in reality has about 12, 7 of those being ultra retro great shape longboards that he wants $1200+ for. The others are ****. He tried to sell me this homemade longboard that litterally had box rails (90 degree angles) for $300. He is a nice guy, but he's a bit ridiculous.