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    long board fin setup question

    I rarely log...maybe 5-10 times a year...but really enjoy the rush now and then of going fast on a 9 foot board. Not interested in nose riding at all...lined up, semi hollow waist - chest high waves, slotted, high line kind of stuff. Since i wont longboard enough to really dial stuff in, i'm interested in how these fin setups might ride. So far the only one ive used is the single squirrel fin and find it really springs you off the bottom and shoots you down the line. board is HP 9' x 22 1/2" X 2 3/4"
    Setup one- 9" squrrel fin:Setup two- 3.25" side bites, 6.5" cutawaySetup three- 3.25" side bites, 7" takayama off an old single fin egg:
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