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    some newbie questions

    Hey just a few questions for anybody that wants to answer, I just started surfing well attempting anyways, i took a lesson and got the basic idea of it and i know that i should be starting out with a longboard or fun board but i got a free 6,8 ci short board just had to glass the nose back on, i have used it once and didn't really accomplish anything yet, i know i just need to keep practicing but my question is will i be able to progress with it or am i just wasting my time? i would love to buy the proper board but laid off right now and need to save money, and is there anything i can do to help with like balance? oh and i am about 5'10 175lbs thanks

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    If thats all you have right now then make the best of it.I learned on a 6'6.If you do happen to land a job get yourself a longboard even if its used.You can always use it when its small out there.Surfing takes time so be patient.Watch vids,read books,and watch others.

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    Just stick with it if thats all you have. It will be frustrating and take a while to get the hang of it but it will come eventually. If you get any opportunity to ride a longboard either renting, buying or just borrowing one definitely do it. It will help the learning process a lot and even just a couple sessions on a longboard will help when you go back to the shortboard.

    If you really want to surf then just keep at it and it will come in time, and remember the only thing that matters out there is that you are having fun.

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    I always think the best thing a beginner can do is relax. New surfers almost always have a very stiff posture and look like thier muscles are always tight when they are up and riding. Being too stiff makes it hard to adjust your weight and to keep balance.

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    just get a long board and sell the short board but robg is right just have fun

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    You will be fine on a shortboard. I never owned a longboard until i had been surfing for like 7 years. Going from short to longboard is the easiest thing in the world to do. But not all longboarders can grab a shortboard and do it up. SO I would stick with the shortboard. In the end, you will be much better, much faster. Eventually grab a longboard, just because it will suit certain waves better... But if you can get decent on a shortboard, you will fee like a true king when you step on a bigger stick...

    Just stick with it and learn on the shortboard... The problem is that your good days of surf wil be few and far between, so get on it when the waves are 2-4 feet or so. That is perfect beginner shortboard waves.... Just stick with it... Its hard as he** at first, but you can shortboard a knee high shorebreak closeout. And once you master that, you are already way ahead of the curve.

    Good luck.

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    definitely watch as many vids as possible. Pay attention to foot placement, when and where they lean, etc. The big picture is what counts but doing the little things right will help a ton. And don't get discouraged, worst thing you can do. You can only be a beginner once so enjoy it!

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    see if you can trade it with someone

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    Thanks a lot guys appreciate it, I am going to just keep going in the water as much as I can and keep practicing!

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    become a strong paddler which you can do on any board. beginners focus on standing up too much when they'd get better faster by concentrating on paddling. remember, you spend about 95 percent of the time paddling rather than riding the wave and you'll catch waves easier and in better position by being a better paddler.