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    Quote Originally Posted by RobfromFredneck View Post
    Heading to Kill Devil Hills/Nags Head area next week. Haven't been down in 5 years. I may surf one of the piers, but I problably will just scout out some random sandbar breaks at one of the beach access points in the area to surf in solitude or with my son. So what tides work best in that area?

    Also, our family really enjoys doing a day trip down to Hatteras Point, drive our 4x4 out on the beach and make it a day. Last time we went down I didn't take my board to the point. Is there a good surfing area there? Currents look rather treacherous. All I really saw were fisherman everywhere, and it really didn't look like many spots to surf. I know there have to be some good breaks on that "drive on the beach" area. I'm not trolling for a "secret spot" out of anyone, just looking for somewhere surfable down there where the fisherman's lines aren't in the way.

    Man there are a lot of good sandbars in town (KDH/NH), you just need to drive a little bit and check some public accesses like you stated; the piers, eh, they are alright nothing to write home to mom about and usually packed with 10 guys trying to get the same ankle-slapping wave. I'd advise pulling in a few and have a look, I'm sure you will find a good bar with a little bit of searching and minimal people. As for Hatteras, I haven't been down in a while so can't say anything for certain. Check the websites given by the other people that might know a little more. I'd imagine the NPS site will have the most up-to-date info. Happy Hunting

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    Thanks for updates on the hatteras situation. That's a bummer they don't let you out on the beach there now. That was one of our family highlights of my last trip down there 5 years ago. My son will be disappointed, as he liked finding the conch shells and snorkeling (since the water is more tropical at the point than up at Nags Head).

    Oh well, we'll still have a blast. I'll just troll the beach accesses around KDH/Nags Head and still have a blast.

    So what tide patterns work good down there? Low? High? transitioning from one to the other? Just wondering when I should plan to scout out my daily surf sessions.

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    If you have google earth on your computer you can use the links on the NPS site to get the current beach closure maps. Just make sure you select "don't save" when you close the map page otherwise the maps will be overlapped closures next time you open the link.

    I spend two weeks in Waves/Salvo every year and have for the past 25+ years and will agree the beach closings are a hard thing to swallow. Last year when I was down there is was super flat but still took the time to cruise the open beaches to find atleast something small to ride and it was just my brother and I every morning and never saw another soul save for the NPS turtle/ bird counters.

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    To RobfromFredneck,

    Cape Point is open to pedestrians along the eastern shore to the tip. You can drive your 4X4 to within about 0.3 mi of the tip, and walk the rest of the way. For most people here, however, this seems to be simply asking too much. The cove is still closed at this time. As several members have added, the point rarely holds decent surf; the cove can in the proper conditions, but as Stranded in Smithfield pointed out, the current is quite strong. And if naught but to provide some dissenting opinion, I generally support the measures to protect the natural environment that we all share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xpresidents View Post
    I generally support the measures to protect the natural environment that we all share.
    i don't think that anyone has said that there should be NO protections. the way it has been handled, however, has been exceedingly poor & is strangling the island community.

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    if it's flat up there drive down to the lighthouse/jetties in Buxton or the southside Frisco.there's almost always something to ride even when it's flat north of Buxton.

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    I've heard an area called "s-turns" is good near rodanthe. I prefer going north on 12 to corolla. There is a beach up that way (corova) where you can drive as well. Less crowded than KDH sometimes. Corolla surf shop also routinely posts surf report here on swellinfo. Check it out and enjoy!

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    currently, cape point is open to pedestrians only along the shoreline. there are no nesting birds out there now and absolutely no reason to keep the point closed. the 'cove' is closed and if the park/audubon/etc get their way, it will be closed forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landlocked1110 View Post
    I've heard an area called "s-turns" is good near rodanthe. I prefer going north on 12 to corolla. There is a beach up that way (corova) where you can drive as well. Less crowded than KDH sometimes. Corolla surf shop also routinely posts surf report here on swellinfo. Check it out and enjoy!
    You are misinformed about some of these spots. KDH is a vast area of beach breaks, like 4 miles long. There are crowded streets but I have NEVER seen it shoulder to shoulder there like I have at the S-turns- a small strip of beach (300 yards?) that is generally gridlock packed on any decent swell. My advice on surfing in OBX- cruise around a little and find your own sandbar. If you head south, even better. Park somewhere random and hike over the dune.

    Corolla surf shop... eh lets say that their surf reports should be taken with a grain of salt. He wants surfers to come to the beach so it's always a little hyped. For example, if the hatteras report says "nothing special" and the corolla one says "stoked", you should step back and say "hummmmmmm"
    my $0.02 on the beach closures due to bird nesting- The real locals (generalizing) are a fairly rough bunch. They love birds- in a pile at the bow of their jon boat. They are the ones who have to deal with some hippy from charlotte or DC telling THEM not to drive and fish on THEIR beaches. It's silly. If some bird is about to exit the food chain- that's the cycle of life. I know a lot of folks down there who are just about at arms over this proposal to close off even more of the OBX. It's sad how many freedoms these people have lost in the last few decades due to rowdy tourists and environmental nut jobs. Want to talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place? Tourists closing in from the north and environmentalists cutting them off down south. The peaceful fishing town that it once was is all but gone as strip malls, wal-marts, and outback steakhouses slowly take over the main road. Take a beautiful place and americanize the sh*t out of it, damn shame. Then once october rolls around nobody wants anything to do with the place until summer, and they are stuck with the strip malls and million "sunsations" stores.

    Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution.
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    i totally agree with leestud,for once cuz im sort of a tool,except for the americanization part. w/o americanization we wouldnt have a home and freedom and protection and the growing population of obx would be squeezed even harder for jobs i dont like it but its the truth.