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Thread: Locals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCoRI View Post
    Support localism? Depends on to what degree. Do I support giving people a little $hit every once in a while when they do something really stupid? Why not...everyone has got some from an old timer over the years! Do I agree with harassing, threatening or injuring someone? Absolutely not. The bottom line is if you are new...know your place. If you are a local, or think you are (as it is in most cases), don't try to be a tough guy because even though you may surf well, there is a better than average chance you will get your ass completely kicked out of the water.
    I agree, there is a certain point where "guidance" shouldn't pass. Teaching someone not to do stupid **** should not, and doesn't need to involve harassment or violence. Even if someone is new, you don't have the right to keep them from surfing, or making their time in the water miserable.

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    theres always the groop of gemstones with rental boards who think they can hang out with the locals just cause theres a board underneath them. any idiot can rent a board and piss people off thats what i hate

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    localism vs etiquitte

    im torn on the subject having recently moved to puerto rico from obx. locals in both places got it twisted. this is the nfl where u have to plow someone over to get sumwhere but it is fun to let someone know whatsup. so i go a little with both. when i notice that the koox start to hop on my waves and figure out the lineup, and being an original sandbar surfer, i just paddle a little on the inside of the reef wait for them to follow then i make the most risky shallow drop i could possibly do. they see this and want to have fun also. and this is where they learn etiquitte without a word being said.
    shallow = fast = fun = all day

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    I respect the locals when you can tell who they are. They dont wear little signs on their heads. But I respect a surfer who has more skills than I and can rip the wave I'm looking at. I've just been surfing for over a year this is my second summer season so I'm still backing off from some big waves to let the better surfers take them. But I gotta keep challenging myself to get better so I surf bigger surf with better surfers so I can learn. Hey you want no locals get out there mid week in the Winter. 40 degree water keeps em all home and you can go nuts out there all by yourself.

    My Best locals story. I was at second beach newport last Summer and there was this old guy out there in his late 60's easy. I had just taken a wave and stopped right in this guys way. I had looked and thought i was clear with noone around me. Well he had to bail off his board to avoid whacking me. And as soon as he popped up I apologized for wrecking his ride. He just smiled and looked out to sea and pointed saying, "It's okay there's plenty of waves out there." His no problem attitude was what surfing should be all about.

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    longboarders v. shortboarders

    what i cannot stand are longboarders who are surfing on studio apartments, something that all shortboarders can do, not only taking the waves, but also getting upset at the shortboarders when they get in their way and don't completely capitalize on the wave, despite the fact that shortboarding is obviously much more difficult. you shouldn't be entitled to more waves because you are undergoing less of a challenge.

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