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    I used to surf in the 70's and 80's and now that I'm 55 and have really bad knees, I've taken up the sport of "boogie boarding". I own a Morey board circa 1986.LOL It was a gift to my daughter who is now 32.

    I just rec'd as a gift a new Morey Kahuna and can't wait to try it.

    My friend and I surf Jenness Beach in Rye, N.H. and the WALL at North Beach Hampton, N.H.

    We're having the summer of our lives. I am so happy and realize that "surfing heals your soul".

    Naz of Newburyport, MA

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    Naz thats awesome.

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    Right on! The ocean's always been my second home. I don't ever see that changing.

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    Was so excited to go today....The waves are flat