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    Apr 2008
    Delaware, USA
    BS in Geology. Project Manager for an Environmental Consulting firm. I've been w/ the same company for the past 11 yrs.

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    Aug 2010
    i do pornographic illustrations for adult comic books

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    ive seen your work. very intriguing. why do you always draw yourself in the background?

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    RN & Pro Snowboard/Ski Patrol (Leader)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJerzSrfr View Post
    Civil Engineer. i see theres a couple on this forum.
    Pro Surfer...

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    Apr 2011
    Central NJ
    Ginsu..........where's home base when you patrol?

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    Hi Guys,

    I see that a lot of you are civil engineers, I am 25 and have a Bachelors in Finance and currently work in the insurance industry as an analyst. I am looking to possibly switch careers to the civil/environmental engineering field. It would be great if I could hear from some of you about the field...pros/cons, career paths, job availability, and anything else that would be useful to know. I want to get some more information before I start applying to schools etc. Feel free to PM me anytime. Thanks!

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    I own a bar mix company.

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    I am in the finance world too.. I can't stand it.. I have considered going back to school for Comp Sci or Environmental Sciences.. I really don't know how many colleges offer a part time evening program for either of these majors.. I also wonder how the job prospects are in these 2 fields.. All I know is I can't imagine doing what I do now for the next 30 years.. Everyone I work with are dead.. I definitely want to do something I have more passion for..

  10. i work in advertising. its a decent job but would love something more flexible. anyone need any help getting a job in the field wouldnt mind passing resumes along.