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    Apr 2008
    swellinfo initially was somewhat coaxed by us into long-range forecasts,and hesitant for the very reason complained about here,so,he told us so

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    so i'm clueless because i didn't realize GFS is run by NOAA? got it.

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    Personally I will take the accurate reports when they come (which is more often than not). As someone who lives right near the beach the reports gone awry are the only hope to get some surf with no crowds. God help us all if these reports are ever 100% accurate.

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    bottom line is were all very frustrated with lack of swell this summer. Emely doesn't seem very promising either. WAVE GOD CAN YOU PLEASE SEND US SOME FREAKIN WAVES!!!

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    you should be thankful theres a free long range forecast. surfline only gives you next 3 days for free. Yet you should be thankful theres even a forecast! Mr. Swellinfo is making you look like a fool with his neutral responses to your ignorant questions and offensive approach. What did you do before swellinfo and surfline were around? Well you deffinately didnt ***** about mis-forecasting! And why do you gotta hate on someone for being a businessman? Why dont you go ***** at wal-mart for ruining small business? or the middle east for their gas prices? Youre obviously a negative person its even in your screen name. Just another hater looking to hate.

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    ihatelongboarders, really? get over yourself dude, I guess you never saw riding giants (that s u r f i n g movie?)

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    I just got my Kahuna bamboo big stick today. I'm gonna take it out with my Arbor pintail this afternoon. Hopefully, I'll visit Rodanthe or Nags Head later this week for a session.

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    the point, which all of you missed, is that when a favorable long range forecast is posted, site traffic increases which in turn leads to better ad rates due to the increase page views.

    since the long range is wrong more often than not i'm starting to think that it's altered at will to increase page views.

    correct me if i'm wrong but i'm willing to bet that when the tropics get going or a solid long range is forecasted the site traffic spikes.

    haters most definitely are going to hate.

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    @ headychaps

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    In order for people to hate on you, you first have to be good at something. You posted hoping people would join you in hating on this failed.

    If you need swellinfo to know when to surf or when theres going to be surf... then you fail again, and are probably a fake ass wannabe.

    You hate longboarders, keep hating