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    Barfoot Surfboards

    Is anyone familiar with Barfoot Surfboards? I know they have a pretty new shop towards the south end of LBI, and I saw a few in the new Reggae Surf store. The boards look really nice and they're pretty cheap too. A few said custom on them so I'm wondering if they have a shaper here on the island.

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    No they are shaped out in CA.

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    They're all shaped out in Ventura, CA. Except for some of the newer boards which were made down in FL, but still designed by Chuck Barfoot... The new ones have a small green outline on the stringer.

    Chuck lives near Rincon, but has his warehouse in Ventura... Good boards! He made small run of boards for Jetty last year, and shaped one for me out in CA. He knows his stuff! I have 5 of them, all sorts of shapes and sizes. Favorites are the Ono 5'10 (its basically a CI Pod, 5-fin setup) and the 6'0 Barfish (quad fish) for the real small stuff.

    Definitely recommended!
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    I have a Barfoot 9'6" Noserider model and love it. That board wasn't much on the cheaper side, but still worth every penny

    Great board, again highly recommended.

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    i have ridden one once and loved it, it was a longboard too. it felt very "fluid"