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    Canyon Surfboard Problem!! Somebody Help!

    Can somebody here help me contact Canyon???? One of my fins on my retro fish fell completely out of the board when i was surfing and I don't know where to get a replacement fin because of the strange fin box. Also, I cannot find the number or website to their company. Somebody please help!

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    The Canyon label was bought by some huge company that now markets the boards to Wal-Mart etc. I have also tried to find contact info for the company but to no avail. If you have a new board I dont know what to tell you. If you have an original Canyon from the 70's/80's I would take it to a shaper friend if you have one. I bought a canyon longboard a couple years ago for like 200$ so i could take people out with me who didn't know how to surf or whatever. I was told it was **** but thought whatever. Long story short it broke without much effort. I hope your's is an antique and not a new board, otherwise I wouldn't waste the money.

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    just monster glue the bottom and put some resin to seal it

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    take it to wavejammer in lavallette.

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    A) Take it back to where you bought it.

    B) FCS fins it into those fin boxes.

    C) If the entire fin box fell out, take it to your local surfboard repair guy to have it fixed. It'll probably be less then 50 bucks.
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    Thanks everyone... But how would I get FCS fins to fit into these fin boxes??

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    The tabs on the fcs fins should line up with the grub screws in the fin boxes. Go to a shop and ask them to try and see if the fin fits first to make sure.

    I read it was tom sena from long island that bought up the old labels after the licensing expired and he has them all made and shipped in from china. Not sure if that's true or not though.

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    Hanson's are now being re-popped in China. What a shame. Buy a board from Ron Jon in LBI and get free a egg roll or fried rice at no charge.

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    dude same thing happened to me last year on my 5'10 canyon retro fish the entire fin box fell out while making a bottom turn during a hurricane swell. now the board sits in the corner with spider webs

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    We have cheap FCS fins for sale in our 'Fin Bin' at the shop or we can retrofit Futures, ProBox, or FCS boxes into the board if you want. No problem.

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