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    Brutal lack of waves

    this waves drought we are in has been the worst I can ever remember since I cant even remember when.
    If I were a gambling man... based on what the tropics have produced so far... I dont see there being any surf through the rest of august.... I hope Im wrong!

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    I feel like I'm living in Surfer Dude.

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    this sucks and yeah I'm with u doesn't look like anything tropical is goona come close

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    I agree guys - havent been in NJ waters to surf since the second weekend of july. However, I just got back from a week long trip at rodanthe, NC and caught 7 days of waves. Every day was minimally waist high and Aug 7-8-9 was waist to chest with a once in a while shoulder wave. (Aug 7-9) was really clean with only a few dudes out - best waves of the summer for me- now i am spoiled as i dont see much coming. Even the outer banks look weak. Theres always fall.....Pray for surf!!

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    I think of waves before I go to sleep so maybe I can dream of surfing. It sucks.

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    Where are the god damn hurricanes

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    these are tuff times we are in..... and we dont have surfing to help take our minds off the real world....
    also... this doesnt bode well for the quicksilver pro in LB this coming sept. could be an epic fail for east coast.

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    i blame new jersey

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    i blame those people who predicted that it would be the busiest season on record. and jinxed us east coast surfers.

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    I've done a ton of longboard skating, SUPing, bike riding, snorkling, swimming, and beer drinking. Surfing, though... havent had a good day in months. Man.... this summer has been one to forget. No love from the African coast, either. Emily petered out, then reformed in the damned middle of the atlantic going north northeast. Thanks for crushing my hopes, Em. These Noaa folks... I think they flip a coin. "OH! It came up heads. That means busy tropics season." When that first 6 foot groundswell shows in the water (probably in early october) there are going to be some fiesty east coasters in the water along with it. Still praying for it. Hang in there, boys.
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