I'm looking to buy my first board I have been surfing for a few year (4 I think I have'nt kept track) and have used both short and long boards. I have not however used hybrid sizes, funboards, or fish. I'm looking for a board that is affordable as some family members are allowing me to pick it out as a gift and are paying for it. I've looked at Frierson Designs, Austin Surfboards, and 757 surfboards. I like the 757 designs and info posted up on their site. I need to know how dependable their boards are and how long they are likely to last. I need a board that will grow with me as I learn how to do more manuevering in waves. Also does anyone know pricing/types of boards that Frierson and Austin Surfboards typically make? I live an hour or two inland of the beach and therefore cannot regularly visit shops, does anyone have any reccomendations to make of the VA beach shops? any information would be greatly apreciated even if it is just how concaves work or the reason for a swallowtail on a board.