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    that shorebreak in cedars literally ate away most of the beach replenishment already. i remember seeing a beach almost twice as long as those in holgate last year, and now its basically back to where it was before they filled it in. the water just keeps getting closer and closer to that giant dune thing they put in which can't end well. so the town basically created a desert of a beach for a few months, eradicated any sandbars previously there, and left surfers/swimmers with nothing but a huge drop off into the water coming right off the dune walkway. all thanks to the beach front homeowners who are more concerned with their property value than actually having a beach. just another example of how politicians will always listen to that small majority of people who have a little extra cash to give out
    Actually it wasn't the beach front home owners. In fact the beach front home owners were the last ones to sign the easements. Having a publicly funded beach fill ment that the beach front home owners would have to provide beach access, parking and bathrooms. The thought of meager peasants walking through their back yard scared them more than loosing their home to the ocean. After all, they can afford to rebuild another home.
    It was the rest of the home owners behind them who wanted the beach fill, they had more too loose if the dune system were to fail.
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