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    I felt it in ACNJ today when i was on a road call for work

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    "Originally Posted by joenottoast
    the first time is always uncomfortable. the next time will be easier and eventually you may even start to enjoy it"

    You made this statement either tongue-in-cheek or post-pre-frontal-lobotomy. If the latter, this has to be the goober jones quote of the month.

    As someone who's been in Christchurch (avg between 4 - 12 large aftershocks per night), I can assure you that absolutely no one, ever, "may even start to enjoy it."
    Yankee, joe's sense of humor may of also have been referencing sex for the 1st time jokingly the way he worded it. Maybe he will respond.

    Felt it in my office in sussex county Delaware. Last one I was in was Northridge CA quake when I was in Laguna Beach, CA in 94. Have been in quite a few when I lived in CA, but nothing like the Northridge quake. Drove north to San Francisco a week later & freeways, routes, etc were a complete mess & unbelievable sights driving through.
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