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    Felt it in Carolina Beach Southern North Carolina

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    felt it here in fenwick, saying 5.9 originated in richmond va.

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    I was driving at the time. Didn't feel it. P!ssed!

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    downtown norfolk was rumbling!!

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    i was lying in bed and the bed started shaking. i thought someone was ****ing with me, but then i saw my lamp shaking. i thought i was hallucinating it since i had just woken up from a nap. then i went on facebook and everyone was saying it was an earthquake

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    I felt it and i didn't like it.

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    Tsunami swell??!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whit View Post
    I felt it and i didn't like it.
    the first time is always uncomfortable. the next time will be easier and eventually you may even start to enjoy it

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    Heard it was a 5.9 out of Mineral, VA. Near Charlottesville, don't try calling or W-boro. Fun week with this and Irene coming in this weekend...

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    Working from home today (NJ). i felt nada in my basement. Then again, I was aguing with someone on the phone, so i may not have noticed anyway.