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Yeah, we arent affecting the rates of climate change yeah...

We dont have much info on prehistoric climatological changes... yeah.

Give me a break... I wonder what the average level of education is here on this board?

****ing burned out minds filled with uninformed opinions fostered by idiot right wing radio here on the shore.
Yes, the level of brainwashing is surely at an alarming rate.

It is amazing that people refuse to realize the human-nature relashonship change that took place last century. It is far too soon to know our effect, and when, or if some drastic change happens, it will be too late. That's the way of the world.

It is merely common sense. When you draw from something living, it will adapt to make up for the shortage. We are meant to use our natural resources, but not at the rate we have been. If you add to something living it will become bloated and get distorted. The petrochemical revolution is all that needs to be said of the latter (from landfills to cars).

Most of us were born into this rush-of-a-life society that was created. That's why I usually like the people I meet in the water. We tend to be more laid back because we have something to be grateful for and something which connects us to nature. We're lucky.

Put whatever label you want on it, the problem is a result of greedy, complacent people.

There's some fat for everyone to chew on.