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    wave map

    is it just me or does the wave map not agree with the forecast? I'm looking at the winds in the Mid-Atlantic in particular.

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    the wave maps are updated 4 times per day, while the Swellinfo forecasts are updated twice per day. So, yes, there can be dependencies between them.

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    Swellinfo get's the midatlantic area's forecast pretty damn close and today was spot on in OCMD. Rule of thumb is surf early no matter what. There's gonna be more surfers and wind on it as the morning progresses.

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    Forecast was spot on for NJ today. For Size and wind direction and timing of switch

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    yah idk what youre talking about...even for the next weeks forecasts all the winds and swell heights on the maps mimic the forecasts...except friday afternoon but thats still a 6 days out and the report updates in an hour anyways