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  1. What makes a kook a kook?

    I'm just wondering what everyones self opinionated definition of a "kook" is! Cause I hear all the time people throwing it out for strange various reasons! My definition of Kook is someone who poses as a surfer or skater.. someone who doesn't let their abilities do the talking! Almost everyone was once a kook in their lives.. and I bet someone will call me a Kook for making this post but I think this needs to be said so we can re-establish the characteristics of this word!
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    to me a kook is someone rides a foam board with ralph lauren swim trunks on and has no idea what they are doing out in the lineup. that's just my personal experience hahaha. Now if you are seriously trying to learn and are being respectful, then, I don't have a problem with ya at all.

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    posting this

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    Not necessarily a beginner but someone who shows little respect for the others in the lineup. In the case of beginners, it is often because they don't know any better. The definition of kook can also entail those who portray their skills to be better then they actually are and engage in unqualified bragging outside of the water when no one is watching.

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    There are many avenues that can qualify a person as a kook. My daily definition comes from my surf session yesterday. So I was having a good time, minding my own business, and being respectful in the lineup like always and then a KOOK ruined my session. The guy was thinking he was billy badass - but he really wasn't - paying no mind to any of the other 10 people out there and (almost) catching every single wave that came by (and there really wasn't many waves to be had). I had to quit paddling for many waves because I know and obey the rules of surfing and didn't want to drop in on him. Although, as soon as I paddle for any wave, this a**hole drops in on me. After this happened multiple times I called him a \"F'n KOOK\" and rode one more and found an empty sandbar. I would consider this guy more of a kook because of his inconsiderate behavior in the lineup then the obvious beginner that was out there, who at least got out of your way when he saw you up and riding.

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    If you grew up surfing Cocoa Beach it was anyone from Orlando. Riding a Ron-Jon Surfboard made you half a kook.

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    To me a kook is not what you ride,how you look or what you wear.Its the way you behave in the lineup.Its knowing your place in the lineup.Theres an unspoken rule in the lineup.Alot of beginners are 1st kooks just for the fact that they don't know any better on etiquette out there.Bottom line its all about etiquette.

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    if you do anything that Wilbur Kookmeyer does then you are a Kook

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    I agree that behavior/ediquitte defines who is dubbed a "kook". Everyone drops in on someone by accident every once in a while; but it's those who think they can do whatever they want all the time that I have no respect for.

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    people that call other people kooks are, in fact, kooks themselves.