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    Exclamation Nc 12

    Hey does anyone know if I would be able to drive down to Rodanthe or Frisco right now if I wanted? I know the road got blown out in a few spots, just didn't know what the status of repairs was or how driveable it was if not, so if someone on the OBX can let me know that'd be great. Probably going to just charge VB weds. and thurs. but I'd like to know my options in regards to heading south if I decide.

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    As far as I have heard. 12 is closed to visitors. Only property owners and insurance ajusters are allowed to go on the island. Until the theisland sept 17th so far, which could be subject to change.

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    since i'm curious, let me google that for you.

    might be a while

    pic is from this gallery. with all due respect to those who lost, check out the surf in the original versions

    Updates & visitor ferry info here:!/ncdot_nc12

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    Wow, looks like a new inlet to me.

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    Only a 2.5 - 3 hour ferry ride will take you down that way. The end of the month or the first of October is when they think it MIGHT be open. Check out to stay updated with it. To be honest though, with the swell forecast for the next few days I don't think it's going to matter if you could get down there or's going to be large and in charge up and down the coast.

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    i can't wait to surf the new rivermouth!

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    Frisco and Rodanthe are closed to all non residents. the farthest you can go is like as soon as you get off the Bonner bridge. pretty much as soon as you get off it there are armed guards and tents. almost like a zombie apocalypse.

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    Why don't you guys go down there and help cleanup before you worry about invading their beach again, just saying.

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    You can check the progress here:

    Sounds like the two temporary bridges they are building will be done in early Oct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seacb View Post
    Why don't you guys go down there and help cleanup before you worry about invading their beach again, just saying.
    To be fair, it's really all of ours beach and no ones. In 1962 when the ash wednesday storm pulverized the outer banks there were only a few hundred or so familes on the whole island. The whole island was like pea island except for the few houses that were tucked back into the trees and hardly visible anyway. Even in the 80's it was nothing like it is today, but by the late 90's it had mostly become the vacation island it is today. So very few people have historically lived there as permanent residents. Even fewer did before the tourism had started, which is pretty ironic if you think about how bad the locals say the tourism traffic is in the summer (it's treacherous, but they chose to live there.)

    Very few people there have "ancient bloodlines" connected to the outer banks. The only ones that do are the fishermen. Most of the build-up that has occurred there since (and in complete ignorance to the damage done by the ash wednesday storm might I add) has almost entirely been funded by families North of there. Primarily the money has come from affluent families in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

    The OBX is truly a no mans land. Sure it's beautiful and quaint down there in the summer, and most of the winter. But it shouldn't be a permanent settlement like it has become and we will eventually see why that is. If a big storm like Katia, or Katrina, hit the obx and all those people that didn't leave for Irene stayed again... there would be thousands dead.

    It's like the 'locals' don't know the history of their 'own' island. I hope the big storm doesn't happen in my life time but odds are a big one will hit and do more damage than most want to believe.