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Thread: Vb today!!

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    this morning was indeed fun as hell.... unexpected i might say but a nice surprise to end the swell like you said.

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    sick waves in southern sandbridge this morning. About chest high, occasional larger sets, glassy as you have ever seen it with spitting tubes shooting out from both sides of the A frame. I have surfed at least chest high waves for the last 5 days, OH waves 3 days straight. Well done, Katia.

    As far as mushy vs bombs... that depends on when and where you surfed. I saw bombs ereyewhere, I saw some mushy spots too. Some sandbars held this swell better than others.

    Can't wait for Maria!

    oh yeah... swellinfo missed this one. Spot on the other 4 days of the swell
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    For what it's worth this morning at 6:30 was head high and hollow, not a ripple of water out of place...Forecast was calling for waist high. Would have not bothered except I got off of work this morning and decided to check it before going home. Better than two days ago? Yep. Surfed so much the last week 1/2 my wife thinks I'm having an affair.

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    My stoke over the past week and a half is starting to annoy everyone i know. Cant wait to see some pics from this storm

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    YEP. surfed 5 out of the last 7 days, from chest high to overhead+. Can't remember the last time thats happened. .

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    idk about where you guys were, but its unlikely the waves were over waist high this morning. by 7 last night they had already dropped to chest-shoulder, fairly quickly too

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    I was in north end.

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    solid chest to shoulder high at around sb early for sure

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    south of the pier was at least shoulder this am, no current just swell .superfun!

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    Today was the cleanest all week, some head high ones still be rolling thru this morning, but some close outs too. Dam Neck works better at high tide imo.

    Definitely need more swells like this frequently, just to stay in surfing/paddling shape