I already own a "cheap" board I'm learning on now. The custom is for after I become proffiecient at surfing. I do a lot of researching of every hobby I take up. I wanted to get a Frierson board after so many recommendations for him, plus I wanted to be sure I got it directly from the man himself before he retired from shaping and per chance prices go way up in the future. Also I can tell you it is not $1000 for his custom. HTH
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indeed i would not see a fab builder on the jobsite with a 5 dollar hammer, however, i would also not expect a brand new fabtech to buy a 150 dollar hammer when he doesn't need one that expensive to start off with. why not buy a good used one to learn on and then once you realize that your never going to stop surfing and your ready to make a full investment, then go out and start looking for shapers. but i can't stop you, i can only give advice like you asked for.