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    Quote Originally Posted by RightCoastRipper View Post
    i believe matt is suggesting that the swellinfo member 'yankee' created these other accounts to troll the forums.

    thank god real people dont think like that
    I could be wrong but Im thinking of someone who hasn't been on the forum the EXACT day this all started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hilly View Post
    can you do that on the forums?
    not me personally, but the moderator and/or webmaster can.

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    Wow...I just read through all 150 posts like I was on fire. Highly entertaining. Makes the babywipes thread seem pretty tame.

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    There was a guy on a local forum down here on Delmarva that would make posts like these. As far as I could tell he was a real person and would go to the local breaks and take pictures. He didn't surf mind you, only take mediocre pictures and post them on the forum. His name was Freewax and he would try and entice people to come talk to him for a bar of wax, lol. I think he was for real and had good intentions but was crazy if he thought people would meet up with him for a bar of wax. Those posts entertained me about as much as this one. Freewax was an evangelist I think, rather than a pervert and wanted to get surfers over to talk about god. He would always add a tag saying if you saw him taking pictures why not come on over and get a bar of wax the only payment was to get your ear chewed off about Jesus, lol.