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    When is go time?

    When will the surf be the best over the next few days in myrtle beach?

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    for MB, I'd say Friday afternoon and Saturday morning is the best call. There is going to be a lot of N in the overall swell, so MB is going to not get the size a lot of other places will see. But should be some fun ones.

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    you should have surfed today. not in myrtle beach, but north and south of MB had waves. we surfed chest clean sets with 10 guys out in SNC today. a great time.

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    yo where you out at holden? i was up there...good stoke all day

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    Maybe a little wave at high tide today in Myrtle Beach.

    Glad everyone's been getting some surf. I got sick after surfing Thursday. ETS I don't like to claim where I surf on the internet forums. As a surf reporter it generally shows immaturity and people write you off fast. Most heavies know without me, or anyone else, saying where the surf was/wasn't. I am always stoked to hear about good waves. If we were smart we'd be heading north right now. Go Search!