I feel I need to preempt my posts with begging; please do not ban me for this? Thanks.

Today I am expecting to have a formal lesson with a paid professional. The reason I feel it's needed is I have never had one lesson to date. All of the surfing I have accomplished was done by my own gumption to go for it, and encouragement with a little advice along the way from surfers I have met in the shops to in the line up. I am happy to have all the tips by everyone, but I've never had anyone give me dedicated one to one instruction, with corrections where necessary. Hence, my belief is to pay a pro for tutelage to get me to the next level i.e. catching waves and successfully riding them.
Am I making the right move or throwing away money? Lesson is $60 and if I don't need it because surfing is evolutionary related to eventually getting better at it just due to exposure, I rather keep going at my pace, then I can spend the money I saved for new fins or something instead.
Thanks for any help with this